01/17/19 - Luther College 2019: Day 7

Luther College 2019: Day 7

Maho Bay, St. John


Today we spent the entire day anchored. After breakfast, we had class and discussed one of the slave narratives we have been assigned for reading. This reading as a great jump start into our first activity of the day which was hiking to the ruins of a sugar plantation. When we arrived, everyone was taking in the views of the water down below. It was interesting to think about how slaves must have viewed this land. To us it was beautiful and amazing, but the slaves faced many struggles and likely had a much different opinion. After exploring the ruins, we returned to the boat for lunch. The rest of the day was pretty relaxed, and we spent the afternoon snorkeling and enjoying the beach. This snorkeling adventure was the most amazing for me because today I saw a sea turtle. We were able to swim very close, which was quite different than seeing their small head appear above water while standing on the boat.

Tomorrow we go on another hike, so stay tuned to hear more about our adventure in the Virgin Islands National Park.