01/12/17 - Luther College: Expect the Unexpected

Luther College: Expect the Unexpected

To Norman Island


After day three, it is safe to say that I am exhausted but in the best way possible. We have learned so much in these past few days and there is still so much to learn. Who knew there could be so many different types of knots: 

                        Practicing the clove hitch.                                                 Logan tying a reef knot with his feet. A true sailor!

"Our plans didn't go as expected, but we were all excited to venture on and adapt to the situation."

Today, the original plan was to go to the baths but they were closed due to the weather. We sailed on to Norman Island which is the location that Treasure Island was based off of. One thing I have realized while being on the boat is that you should begin to expect the unexpected. Our plans didn’t go as expected but we were all excited to venture on and adapt to the situation. It is helpful that everyone has a great attitude and are able to go with the flow.

Once we got to Norman Island we went on land to find treasure that was hidden by the class that went on this trip last year from Luther College. During this experience we had to work together by analyzing the map. We had to find new paths that we hadn’t traveled on before and this lead to a grand adventure. 

                              We found the treasure! Thanks for the surprise,  Tales of the Sea 2016 Students!