01/17/16 - Education Underway on a Sunday Funday

Education Underway on a Sunday Funday

A Watch: Katy, Kennedy, Erik, Froeydis, Abbi, Anna

Today was our second day anchored at Maho Bay, but just because we didn’t hoist the sails on the Roseway doesn’t mean we didn’t have one of the fullest experiences yet. We began the day with morning chores and a thoughtful class discussion about our two slave narrative readings; among the difficult topics of revolt, white supremacy, and the trans-atlantic slave trade, we dove deep into the historical significance of slavery on these islands which led to a discussion of modern day capitalism and worker’s rights. We then went ashore to visit and explore the Annaberg Sugar Plantation ruins on the island. Immediately we were overwhelmed by the heat and humidity of the hillside and couldn’t imagine working there in January much less the middle of the summer; combined with imagining the drastic lack of basic living necessities like shoes, clothes, fresh water, and rest, the whole experience really jarred us. After being made aware of the historical events surrounding the ruins in class, walking through them created an underlying feeling of uneasiness.

Following lunch, we continued our day of learning at Cinnamon Bay. Here we got a chance to apply our sailing lessons from the Roseway on some Hobie Catamarans. We were impressed by our new skills and really enjoyed the hands on experience of finding the wind at a more intimate level. The quick response of the Hobie Cats really taught us more about feeling where the wind is coming from and how we can best utilize it. While waiting for our turns on the small boats, we took in the endless natural beauty of Cinnamon Bay. After finding some nice fresh water showers, we returned to the Roseway and finished off our beautiful Sunday.