01/16/19 - Luther College 2019: Day 6

Luther College 2019: Day 6

Cruz Bay, St. John


Today was a wonderful, windy, Wednesday. In such, the wind was truly on our side for some lovely sailing from Peter Island to St. John. After hardy oatmeal to start our day, the Luther students and crew alike raised sails and set off. Snorkel number two this morning consisted of exploring the Indians rock formation. The crew was able to join us in this endeavor, diving deep among the reef to see fish such as angel fish, yellowtail snappers, parrot fish, and barracudas...oh my! In comparison to snorkeling day one, I would say the array of fish was much more vast, therefore putting us all in a new sense of awe. For some, that awe was in realizing how BIG of creatures we really are...for others, how small of a fraction the Indians are, yet how much life is teeming within...for myself, that feeling of being very far from our tiny Midwestern home set in. To be in such a beautiful place, snorkeling in almost the middle of an open waterway, privileged as ever to experience our days and this trip to the degree we’ve been able to!

As far as days for, privilege as a “topic” or “theme” more or less came up. Our readings consisted of stories about two woman pirates. Anne Bonny and Mary Reed, led to conversations pertaining to the role of women in the 17th century, and how such roles have shifted, or not, in relation to our time today. Without getting into the thoughtful, gritty discussion, one take-away interesting to note is that of the boundaries in society. Boundaries both known and unknown to us; how far women are allowed to act without transgressing a threshold of shame/disapproval of others, based on what we constrict boundaries around in the 21stcentury. These kinds of questions surely carried on after class as well for a group of us walking around the markets of St. John. What is expected of us as “tourists”? Who truly is around us? What are their boundaries and customs? These sorts of reflection makes this kind of trip, and all abroad excursions, all the more enriching. Taking a step back to question our own rights, privilege, boundaries, customs, etc. Which things in our life do we take for granted, or do not allow ourselves to think about on a daily basis? How d we continue to encourage one another to search for answers? Are there any? There may or may not be, but at least for a slight moment in time, this group of students get to examine such questions aboard the Roseway.

Tomorrow: Hiking to a sugar plantation. Until then...