01/14/19 - Luther College 2019: Day 4

Luther College 2019: Day 4

Tortola, BVI


It seems crazy how only a few short days can feel so long while out sailing. The hours feel like days, the days feel as though they are weeks, so on and so on. Without a watch or phone by my side, so far my only indication to find what time it is by myself is to look how far the sun is from the horizon. And while I had managed to go 3 months with limited technological access, this has been, so far, a reminder of just how dependent on a small computer in our pocket to help us through our day.

Today was a relaxed day, to say the least, in terms of our activities for the day. We spent a majority of our time in the afternoon out small boat sailing, applying the skills and knowledge we have gotten about sailing on the trip thus far, just on a significantly smaller scale. While this was going on, we welcomed aboard kids from RBVIYC as well as KATS. We all relaxed on shore, waded in the warm Caribbean waters. It was good to have such a relaxed day today, as tomorrow is looking to be a long, but exciting day full of activity and experiences to cherish.