01/14/16 - Moods of the Sea

Moods of the Sea

Froeydis, Erik, Claire F

The sea is a fickle mistress, her moods like a pendulum.

One day she is sweet and soft, the next; full of fury and spite.

To judge the mood of the mighty force, listen to her roar. Listen to her hum

She can kiss a sailor safely to port, but watch out for the deadly bite.

When she is pleased, her gentle waves rock seamen to sleep,

Can you hear her happy laughter? Can you hear her lullaby?

But if she loses interest, she takes the wind with her, making the sailors weep. All alone, surrounded by her indifferent embrace, the sailors prepare to die.

If she sees the sailors in distress, she may call the wind, send them on their way.

Her laughter mingles with theirs as the wind and waves speed them towards port. Alas her powerful aid proves too much for them. Will they live to see the next day?

With a mighty storm, she pulls them down, so that they may forever be a part of her court.