01/13/20 - Captain's Log

Captain's Log

Christinasted, St. Criox, USVI

Captain Mike Moreland

January 13th, 2020

Schooner Roseway lies head to wind in Christiansted Harbour, tugging and bouncing at her mooring. The skies are quite hazy and the trade winds are quite strong, 25 - 30kts at times. Seas outside the reef have built to over 12 feet and the surf is pounding on the reef just 1/2 mile to the north of us. Inside the reef is still choppy and a wicked countercurrent is reeking havoc on all the boats at anchor, pushing most up them up wind and and broadside to the wind. Luckily we have enough windage to keep us head to wind but we still feel sorry for the other yachts getting tossed around day after day. With these rough conditions, all daysail operations have laid up until the seas lay down, including our daily sunset sails. But the break is very good for getting into some bigger maintenance projects. Chief Mate Greg has the crew on various tasks with the focus on the rigging. Tiffany and Allie peeled back the main mast boot and have been slowly and methodically hammering the mast wedges back evenly as they had worked out just a bit over time. A good hardwood block is needed to transfer the sledge hammers force down on the wedge and not damage the wedge. The rest of the crew are closely inspecting every shackle, line, mousing, and spar for our monthly rig check. Greg is supervising and taking notes and compiling a prioritized work list. As Roseway just finished a week long ‘Residential’ program there is still clean up and organizing to be done. Bags and bags of laundry were sent ashore with Patrick and the Chef Jen has been defrosting and cleaning freezers and refrigerators. Down in the engine room, Engineer Tucker is busy maintaining all the ship’s systems and is currently working on an oil change on the generator. So all in all, a typical maintenance day on a historic wooden schooner but it is still always a joy to watch and listen to with a crew happily going about their work.

- Captain Mike Moreland