01/13/19 - Luther College 2019: Day 3

Luther College 2019: Day 3

Virgin Gorda, BVI


As we awake to the sun beating down upon the lapis sea, a new day began for us. As time goes on, we are falling into a very regular routine; sails before breakfast, learning opportunities bisected by lunch, the afternoon dominated by an excursion, and chores at meal-based intervals. In a particularly nerve-wracking moment for day 3, we got to experience escalated control over the boat: acting as forward lookout for the ship, and steering the whole thing proper. Despite our ideal conditions of a light breeze, clear skies, and a new island every ½ an hour, it still felt exhilarating and stomach-churning.

Morning muster started with songs composed by anchor watch groups, a wholly enjoyable exercise. It was kept low-key, as every one's song had been written at 1 am, probably. Breakfast, as presented by Nick (deeply appreciated) was a breakfast burrito of unparalleled flavor and sustenance. All in all, life has been reading a steady state aboard Roseway. Perhaps we’ll be thrown for a loop in a few days to keep us on our toes, or perhaps everything will become easier as our time aboard progresses. Whatever the case, all we can do is continue our inexorable approach to the future.