01/13/16 - Heading Out Into the Blue

Heading Out Into the Blue

B Watch: Morgan, Katie, Claire L, Carter, Amanda

We woke up to a glorious morning still in shock at the landscape. We set sail from Yacht Haven Grande just after breakfast, learning how to coordinate while hauling on the halyards to raise the sails was a challenge and we’re excited to continue improving. As we sailed east we coiled down the halyards and proceeded to break off into our separate watch to spend time learning about seamanship, taking over active watch and finally reading and reflecting about our day so far. The stark difference between the heavily populated St. Thomas and the well preserved natural setting of St. John was an interesting change of pace. After lunch we had a class session where we tried to map out the course we had taken from St. Thomas to Jost Van Dyke, where we anchored just before lunch. We also discussed the implications of cardinal directions and cultural perspectives of direction.

After clearing customs we weighed anchor and set off for little Jost Van Dyke to hike to the bubbly pools which is a spot where the surf crashes into a small opening in the rocks creating a small wave pool. The pools were refreshing and gave us the opportunity to feel like we were kids again. It left our afternoon full of giggling. After returning to the Roseway we took our first Ocean showers which consists of jumping into the water covered in shampoo and soap. B-Watch also undertook the setup and cleanup of dinner which was prepared our ships cook Della and was delicious. We’re excited for the adventures that tomorrow brings.