01/11/20 - Landmark College: Day Five

Landmark College: Day Five

Christiansted Harbor, St. Croix

Eric S. and Katie M.

January 11, 2020
Day 5

The Final Day
Today is Saturday but to me it feels like Sad-urday. I was originally doubtful about my time on the Roseway, however the crew helped me through. Anyways today I woke up to music on a speaker which was a nice touch as the songs sounded like shanties. Breakfast came along. It was fantastic. I had oatmeal with brown sugar and butterscotch chips. My lord, this hit the spot! The next thing we all partook in was our boat cleaning duties! My group (A Watch) cleaned the fish hold (where we sleep). Then the Deckhand Olympics began and everyone came with their best efforts. We had 6 total events to test our skills because our feet were already wet. Personally, A Watch’s shanty was the most educational. I started with coiling. I also helped guide my group mates. The others were jeopardy, knots, pinrail chase, and most importantly (thank to “Dylan the Sunmaster”) a sunscreen event. Our watch had the majority of non-burnt people and we called ourselves the “Sunscreen Squad.” Our watch did not win but it was fun! After, we ate lunch and talked about good times. Thanks Roseway!
Author: Eric

All on board woke up at 0730 for breakfast and morning muster. This was our last day onboard, so we had to do a deep clean of the boat. I was busy cleaning dishes from breakfast and bleaching the countertops in the galley. Once our “field day” was done we moved on to the main event of the last day: Deckhand Olympics!

Each watch participated in multiple categories that summed up what we had learned on our trips. These were line coiling, shanty writing, knot tying, pin chasing, sunburn scale (with points awarded for the least sunburnt), and jeopardy. Everyone brought their A-game with a taste of healthy competition, some people practicing hours beforehand. In the end, C Watch aka the “C-Cucumbers” arose victorious. We celebrated everyone’s hard work with lunch cooked and set up by our cook Jen. Our day wound down with a sentimental closing ceremony where we shared words of appreciation between crew and students and finished off singing a shanty together about leaving the Roseway. I felt surprisingly sad to go, since even in just five days I felt the perseverance between students and crew reached a level I’d never seen and I didn’t want it to go away so soon. But now we leave a little more inspired and just slightly more pink.
Author: Katie

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