01/11/17 - Luther College: Crew

Luther College: Crew

Today’s weather was not amazing. We sailed in and out of rain showers from morning to mid-afternoon, and it was colder than we expected from the Virgin Islands (but still warmer than Iowa J). Setting sail today did not go as smoothly as we would have hoped. Some technical  difficulties kept us busy. We are exhausted. Adjusting to the boat is hard and tiring. However, we wouldn’t change a single second. This has already been the most amazing trip ever. The beautiful scenery and lush, green islands made every rain drop worth it. The warm water we happily leapt into off the Roseway’s edge made our chilly day seem far, far away. Being on the ship longer just meant we had more opportunities to learn. This has been a perfect day filled with challenges, but also new experiences and fun times.

Learning to sail and working the boat was the one of most enjoyable part of the day. Everybody enjoyed doing boat checks and seeing the inner workings of the boat. During seamanship lessons, we quickly learned what each rope does, what it’s connected to, and how to work it. We’ve already learned so much in one day, but there is still so much to do! The crew has been really energetic, kind, and helpful. They match our wanting to learn with their desire to teach. Each and every one of them is ready to give advice. They help us get hands on with the boat workings and push us to do stuff independently. They have made a day, which could have been really rough, easy and fun. Additionally, we’ve immediately become a crew on the boat. There is a definite togetherness on the boat! We are eager to help the others and everyone jumps in to work on the next task or chore or boat check. This keeps us sailing and busy. This trip is already one for the books, and its only day two. We are ready to see where the next nine days will take us.