01/11/16 - Welcome Aboard Luther College

Welcome Aboard Luther College

A Watch: Erik, Abbi, Katy, Froeydis, Anna, Kennedy

Leaving the negative temperatures of the Midwest behind, we were in awe of the colors of St. Thomas that came into view as we descended from the clouds this afternoon. Bright green palm trees, clear and shimmering turquoise waters, and bursts of colorful flowers overwhelmed our senses. As we walked down the staircase off the plane, the humidity slapped us in the face (though a warm and welcome change from our previous location). As we walked about we were phased into our new island time, where everything seems slower and more relaxed. In contrast, our taxi ride to Yacht Haven (the Roseway’s current dock) was a mixed British-American driving style, where cars and steering wheels are both on the left, and everyone drove very fast. It certainly woke us up from our 14 hour travel day!

Amongst million dollar yachts and cruise ships (“rich people toys”), we currently sit nestled on our beautifully historic wooden schooner. Tonight we were introduced to the crew, the ship herself, and our future responsibilities. It seems a little overwhelming right now, but we are sure that within a day or so we will feel right at home! Tonight we were also treated a delicious comfort food meal and cool breezes. We will stay docked tonight, which means we can explore a little bit of the seaside and get the fullest night of sleep we likely will have for the next two weeks. We are all prepped and ready for our maiden voyage tomorrow (and see some sea!).