01/10/20 - Landmark College: Day Four

Landmark College: Day Four

Christiansted Harbor and Protestant Cay, St. Croix

Dylan R. and John V.

January 10, 2020
Day 4

Today on the Roseway we had a day in the harbor. We had opportunities to climb the rig, make baggy wrinkles (chafe gear for the sails), and hurl heaving lines over the side into a life ring. Almost everyone ascended to the top of the shrouds and had a lookout over the harbor. We all also had the chance to belay them as they ascended and descended the rig. Professor Matte’s class was more normal today when we were not worried about getting sick or drenched. In class we talked about “ship, shipmate, self” and how each of our actions affected those three categories. After some chili for lunch we made our way to a beach to go snorkeling on a ship wreck. Some other activities included fancy knot work and nap time… for me. On our small boat trip back to Roseway we took on a lot of water over the bow due to high winds and swells, and when we returned the crew was confused looking at our drenches selves what had happened on our journey. After drying out, we settled in for mac and cheese dinner (with Daniel and Jen’s homemade bread).
Author: Dylan

We were woken up at 0730 this morning for a more relaxed day after an arduous sail through high winds yesterday. We all spent the first half of the day in the harbor off Christiansted doing various activities like climbing the rat boards aloft and trying to toss heaving lines into a life ring that Greg pulled behind the small boat. We had planned to go snorkeling at Buck Island, but due to high winds, rough waves, and current, we snorkeled by the nearby island of Protestant Cay instead. There we were able to check out a nearby wrecked ship whose masts were still sticking out above the water. In the harbor we witnessed all types of fish and aquatic animals, even southern stingrays and green turtles. Lastly with our time on the beach we learned how to tie Turk’s Head bracelets to better flex our knot working skills. On our way back to the Roseway the wind kicked up in full force and the simple ride over became a white water raft ride that looked easily like we could have just gotten out of the ocean when we made it back on deck.
Author: John