01/10/18 - Mrs. Aldonza's Class

Mrs. Aldonza's Class

Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI

Jhaday, Nakai, Milagro, Juan, Briniqua, Shay, K'myieh, Genesis, Josiah, Kamora, Anderson, Zamouy, Naylanie

Our favorite activity that we did on the roseway is when we climbed the rig. It was very exciting!  Another activity that we really liked was the navigation routes on a compass. We learned how to use a compass rose and how to steer a boat.  We talked about buoyancy and what that means with the sinking and floating of ships. We also learned to tie knots, we did the figure eight and square knot.  We learned how to put up the Jumbo sail, and about using teamwork to furl the Fore sail.  Exploring the ship during our Life of a Sailor tour was also fun- we loved to shout out " FORE PEAK OPEN!"