01/10/17 - Luther College: Winter to Tropical

Luther College: Winter to Tropical

Ahoy maties! On the plane, we sat for 30 minutes waiting for the airport workers to clean ice off the airplane. This made us late for our connecting flight. Luckily, we made it with a few minutes to spare between flights and then we were off to St. Thomas! Getting off the plane in St. Thomas was breathtaking. The air was warm and we were finally able to take off our winter jackets. It seemed like an idyllic dream. We had been waiting for months to venture forth on this adventure, and it still does not seem like we are in this paradise. Everything seemed to be as if from a scene from a movie, all the way to the transition to the Roseway. Once we met up with our fellow crewmates, we played a few ice breaker games before boarding. Once aboard, we had a brief breakdown of the rules from Captain Tom. We also got to break into our teams and learn our different chores that we will be doing every day. Learning that it takes the entire crew to get the job done was something that really struck us. Things go faster and smoother when everyone is working together towards to goal, keeping the ship afloat, safe, and clean. However, when we were first hearing about all of the chores and things that we must keep up to date it was very daunting. There was definitely a great weight of responsibility coming onto the Roseway and making it your temporary home. As the night progressed we quickly became acquainted with all the new rules given to us on the ship. Now all of us are excited and looking forward to the adventures and vast amount of knowledge in the days to come.