01/09/19 - Friday, December 18, 2018 | RR 2018

Friday, December 18, 2018 | RR 2018

Claire C

Christiansted, St. Croix 

Over the past week, the crew has been ecstatic to welcome local students from Riccardo Richards elementary school on board for mornings of sailing education, community building, and adventure. Some of the most exciting challenges include yesterday’s ascent of the rigging and today’s climb out onto the bowsprit while underway. This provided a unique environment to reflect upon our students’ proudest accomplishments and biggest goals for the future. Although these were arguably the most exciting moments in this week’s journey, my favorite part of our time with this group was discussing the community value we emphasized each day – I was so excited to hear about all of  ways the students planned to bring communication, teamwork, trust, and self-worth with them off of the ship and into the rest of their lives. Below are two sets of verses of the popular sea shanty “Randy Dandy O!” written by students as they learned about the history of communication through song at sea!

Jahkim and Aya:
We caught a fish and it fell out of my hand
Way hey roll and go!We pulled up the sail while we coiled the rope
Way hey roll and go!
The seas are so rough, and the lands are so f
To be rollicking Randy Dandy O!

 Daryl, Jordan, and Kalyn:
I ate a cheese cake, now I can fly
Way hey roll and go!
I feel incredible, I could jump up a mountain!
Way hey roll and go!
We get sprayed with water, it feels like rain
Way hey roll and go!
The salmon with wings is driving a car
To be rollicking Randy Dandy O!