01/08/20 - Landmark College: Day Two

Landmark College: Day Two

Francis Bay, St. John

Ethan N. and Sam D.

January 08, 2020
Day 2

Today was a day that revolved around the sea. We raised anchor at Christmas Cove and set off eastward. In the morning we crossed between St. Thomas and St. John and tacked further east to Francis Bay where we dropped anchor for lunch. We spent the journey rotating between operating the boat, learning the theory of sailing, and discussing and composing sea shanties. After we finished our pizza lunch, it was time for lessons. Our seminar focused on our trip aboard the Roseway’s contribution to our wellness. Our patience was rewarded by the day’s main activity- snorkeling along the beach. We saw parrotfish, hamlets, wrasse, and green sea turtles grazing along the grassy seabed. Anemones, corals, and imposing sea urchins clung to the tidal rocks. Once we had our fill of snorkeling, it was time to return to the Roseway for dinner followed by chores. As I write this, we plan to cap off the evening with a card game by the name of 4-Bidden Words.
Author: Ethan

Today we sailed from St. James Bay on St. Thomas to Francis Bay on St. John. The weather was fair, partly cloudy with scattered showers. While we sailed through the Windward Passage, we had to do a lot of tacking. Since we cannot sail into the wind, we had to turn our bow back and forth from one side of the wind to the other, zigzagging towards our destination. We learned about the parts of the sail and tried our hand at writing sea shanties. We talked about how sailors would sing sea shanties to keep time while hauling lines. We snorkeled in Francis Bay and saw all kinds of creatures, but the highlight was two sea turtles grazing on seagrass.
Author: Sam