01/06/17 - Landmark College: Respect

Landmark College: Respect

Today we discussed respect, and how we can channel more respect in our lives. We showed respect to each other today by showing good sportsmanship during the Deckhand Olympics, giving support – emotionally and physically – when we climbed the rigging, checking in with each other throughout the day to make sure we were all alright, and pitching in to help our fellow crew members with chores. We also showed respect to each other when we went to Norman Island to snorkel by sticking with our buddies to make sure everyone had safe fun. We showed respect to the Roseway by performing regular boat checks and keeping the deck clear and clean. 

Lastly, we showed respect to ourselves by making sure we were rested and prepared, maintained proper hydration, and kept a positive attitude. Looking forward, we want to end this voyage on a high note and make sure that we maintain and uphold our values of Respect, Communication, and Teamwork; and even beyond that, we want to keep these values in the forefront of our mind, so that we can make the world a little bit more like the Roseway: a place where we can work together for something greater than ourselves.