01/05/17 - Landmark College: Communication

Landmark College: Communication

The day started off early when we sailed to Virgin Gorda to go snorkeling. We had a muster on the way; we should use communication as we start the day off. Communication not only is used verbally but with gestures as well. For example using gestures as a communication tool is when giving warning to the captain on other boats when we are on bow watch. As we sailed to the island, we had a lesson on ecology of coral reefs.  As the lesson began Brett talked about how we had to be careful of where we swam and walked so we could protect the coral reef and ourselves from harm. When we got to the baths we used communication so we could stay as a group. We saw sting rays, schools of blue fish, coral reefs, and a fish with two eyes on each side of its body. The day ended with not wanting to stop snorkeling but everything comes to an end therefore we were ferried back to the ship and sailed off into the sunset.