01/05/16 - Sailing, Sunsets, and Bubbly Pools

Sailing, Sunsets, and Bubbly Pools

C Watch: Mary, Dawn, Greg

C-Watch is taking over. We started the day before the sun even rose with anchor watch. During which we checked all of the ships systems and took bearings to make sure our anchor wasn’t dragging all while everyone else was asleep. We were able to finish our duties quickly enough to be able to do madlibs as an anchor watch activity. Once the sun rose we weighed anchor and sailed for Jost Van Dyke where we patiently waited for our passports to be stamped by the British customs officers. After which, once more we weighed anchor and sailed for Little Jost Van Dyke and the bubbly pools. We arrived to the bubbly pools to find out that they were neither bubbly nor pools though the hike, the view, and the fish we saw there were worth it!

After spending some time at little Jost Van Dyke we again weighed anchor for a third time though now we also set our sails and made way for Guana where we were to drop the hook for the rest of the night. On our way over we narrowly dodged storm clouds and enjoyed the view of the sun setting over the British Virgin Islands. After the flukes of the anchor were firmly dug into the seabed and the sails were struck and furled we were able to enjoy a very filling meal made by our wonderful cook Della. After which we set to taking care of our evening chores, c-watch saw to it that dinner had been set up and cleaned for everyone. Now before we call it a day we can sit back and reflect about our time here on Roseway so far and feel proud about being the only watch able to tie a flying bowline.