01/04/16 - Landmark College is Underway

Landmark College is Underway

St. John, USVI

B Watch: Clark, Kasey, Simone

B-Watch the objectively best watch! Today we finally set sail and the sights were amazing, Simone and Kasey dealt with sea sickness among with many others but not even that could ruin their spirt. The weather was perfect for us as we sailed away from St. Thomas. One of our favorite parts was coming into the bay, where we were surrounded by beautiful islands. When we set anchor at St. John, the first swim call was announced as everyone put on their bathing suits and jumped into the warm water. Since there’s no shower on the boat we all lathered up in soap and shampoo to get clean, and then rinsed off with the fresh water hose on the boat. After our refreshing swim we were starving and ready for the wonderful meal that our cook Della made for us.

There are many things to do and learn here on the Roseway. From keeping watch to cleaning the boat; there is almost always something to be done. Even for people who have been on similar programs this ship presents is own set of unique challenges to overcome. The crew here on the Roseway is an extremely hard working team and impressed us very much, not only do they run the boat, but they also take care of all the maintenance here on the boat. As we are all learning this is very hard work, especially here in the hot sun of the Caribbean.