01/03/17 - Landmark College: First Impressions

Landmark College: First Impressions

Before we boarded the Roseway, we had high expectations for this particular trip. For some of us it was the first time being on a sail boat and a new experience. A lot of us were expecting a challenge, knowing beforehand the tasks necessary to operate this kind of ship. We met the crew members this morning before going onto the boat. We pulled up the sails which wasn’t easy. We toured the boat and learned how to do boat checks. The crew members were great at showing us how to do everything we had to do and learn. We learned the history behind sea shanties, and collaborated to create verses for our own sea shanty. We divided into groups, and we switched jobs, for example, one group set up dinner, and another group would clean it up. Overall, today was a very active day, full of learning and hard work. We’re looking forward to spending the rest of the week on board the Roseway!