Residential Program FAQ

These are questions commonly asked by students and families prior to sailing aboard Roseway.

How do I avoid getting seasick?

The best way to deal with seasickness is to prevent it in the first place. Eating a full meal, drinking plenty of water, and remaining on deck in rocky seas is the best way to feel your best while aboard Roseway. If you're not feeling great after taking these steps, our Medical Officer can provide medication to help curb discomfort. 

How will I let my family know what I'm doing every day? 

We run our programs cell phone-free to give students the opportunity to fully engage in the experience with their peers. While students will not have direct access to family and friends, they will co-write at least one WOS Ship's Log. These blog posts will include photos, the ship's anchorage location, and a recap of the day. The Where's Roseway tab shows where the ship is on a map.

How will I shower?

Many evenings, we have time to swim next to the ship once we come to anchor. This doubles as an opportunity to bathe. Students can jump into the water (or climb in using a ladder), soap up on deck, and jump or climb back in to rinse off. If students do not want to swim but want to bathe, they can toss of a bucket over the side of the ship and use that water instead. 

What if I'm not a strong swimmer?

We have life rings and a small boat in the water to assist with floating, as well as life jackets available for use during swim calls. One of our crew members will always stand as a lifeguard and we will uphold strict guidelines for how far students can swim from the boat. You will never be forced to swim if you don't want to.