Letter from an educator

Dear World Ocean School,

Let me start by expressing my profound gratitude for your continuous support to the children of St. Croix. Your educational program aboard Roseway has proven time after time to leave an undeniable mark on the many lives touched. From learning about navigation, density and buoyancy, speed, lift, climbing the rig, to what some may take for granted – core values; all these things and more, aboard the Roseway, definitely makes my task as an educator much easier. Easier in the sense that concepts taught in the classroom are being applied aboard Roseway and my students are fully immersed in the hands-on component of learning and most importantly, making those real-world connections.

One may ask, “What does core values have to do with sailing or learning?” Absolutely everything! It’s very clear that you’ve taken the time to masterfully craft each lesson being presented by incorporating a core value for each day. This integration of the daily core values has really lent itself to my students bearing witness to the relevance of the values in their daily lives. Whether it is communication, teamwork, trust, or self-worth, each value is seamlessly applied and executed in a manner students understand and can relate to.

Seeing the enthusiasm that my students display for learning aboard the Roseway, says it all. Even when faced with adversity, students are taught to persevere in overcoming challenges, to believe in themselves and in the notion that anything is possible.

I continue to bear witness to how World Ocean School’s Curriculum and the awesome crew, manages to evoke a passion for learning in my students. You are truly an inspiration and ought to be commended for the fascinating work that you do. Thank you for your continuous dedication in inspiring a love and passion for learning in such nontraditional ways in the children you reach.


Zahra O'Reilly-Bates

Elementary Educator, Ricardo Richards Elementary School


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