Waseem Givens

Waseem Givens is a native of Boston and conservationist who has committed many years of service towards giving back to his community, mentoring youth, and advocating for the preservation of the environment. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Rhode Island, Waseem has spent the last 8 years with Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA (BCBSMA) in multiple capacities. Completing a managerial rotation program that provided him access into the company’s Financial Service department, Market Strategy department, Environmental Health and Sustainability department, and currently a consultant role in the company’s Consumer Experience department. His goal is to help BCBSMA make a greater impact on the lives of their members, along with exploring the correlation between health outcomes and the environment.

With a natural curiosity to people and the environment, specifically the ocean, Waseem spends a lot of his free time on a passionate hobby of aquarium keeping. Trying to recreate a mini eco-system in his own living room has taught him, inspired him, and connected him in many ways. He joins the World Ocean School board of directors in hopes to share this passion and his personal and professional experiences with the organization and the youth they serve.