Timothy Rajotte

Deckhand Educator

Hometown: Abington, MA

School: College of the Holy Cross

Sailing Experience: During the spring of 2016, I sailed as a student crew member on Sea Semester’s Corwith Cramer on its “Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean” program.

Teaching Experience: During college, I served as a mentor and tutor to inner city youth at a church in Worcester, MA. We tutored these kids in a variety of subjects while helping them develop teamwork and social skills by playing pickup sports games after church.

Hobbies: I enjoy a wide range of activities like hiking, golfing, and playing other team sports. I am an avid Boston sports fan, especially the Patriots. 

Why I’m excited: Living and working aboard a tall ship is a completely unique experience that enables both educators and students to learn so much about themselves. Surrounded by a like-minded community and completely dependent upon each other to accomplish a common goal, we are all able to feel a sense of meaning and accomplishment. Not to mention the opportunity to sail across some of the most beautiful places on earth, which many people go their entire lives without experiencing. I hope to add to the great legacy of Roseway and World Ocean School while leaving my own footprint on the program.