Shelby Mauchline

Deckhand Educator, Program Coordinator

Hometown: Algonac, Michigan and Marco Island, Florida

School/Major: Yale University; Environmental Studies

Previous sailing experience: Although only falling into tall ships two years back, I’ve logged over 10,000 nautical miles in the North Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, and Northern and Southern Pacific. I sailed as an oceanography student first on Ocean Star, then deckhand educator on Exy and Irving Johnson, Lady Maryland, and USCGC Eagle for a transatlantic from Baltimore, Maryland to Kiel, Germany. I crewed as bosun on windjammer Angelique and Alvei where I partook in the restoration of the 99-year-old schooner and delightedly sailed her from Fiji to Vanuatu.

Previous teaching experience: As part of the New Haven Land Trust, I taught social entrepreneurship and urban sustainability to high school students utilizing community gardens as a platform for their growth. As deckhand educator on various tall ships, I’ve taught students and adults alike about the wonders of our ocean, human and climate challenges to its conservation, the age of sail, seamanship, and chart navigation. And it would be silly not to say too that I’ve learned as much as I’ve taught these extraordinary young minds!

Hobbies: I enjoy scuba diving, drinking boba tea (haven’t quite mastered the homemade version), tying unnecessarily complex knots, and asking humans questions they don’t have the answers to.

Why I’m excited to work for World Ocean School: WOS and I share a very common mission of utilizing tall ships as a platform and playground to empower and inspire today’s youth towards a more sustainable future—for them and for the planet.