Samuel “Sam” Schwimmer

Deckhand Educator

Hometown: Rhinebeck, New York

School: Plattsburgh State University College, Plattsburgh, NY

Previous sailing experience: 6/15-10/15 Argia: 82' LOA traditionally rigged topsail schooner. Mystic, CT.

Previous teaching experience:

  • 6/15-10/15 Argia, Mystic, CT: Gave historic and local interest information to tour groups
  • 7/14: New York, NY: Created lessons and taught group of six adult students how to breathe fire in month long intensive course. Lessons included: technique, safety, health risks, and respect of the flame.
  • 9/13-8/14: Wildfire Retreat, Ashford, CT: Instructed students in fire breathing and manipulation including health and safety concerns. Also taught volunteer cooks in knife handling and safety.
  • 5/11-9/11: Camp Conrad Weiser South Mountain YMCA, South Mountain, PA: Taught canoeing, kayaking and sailing on lakes to groups of children aged 8-12 years.

Hobbies: Reading, hiking, kayaking, stilt walking, fire manipulation,

Why I’m excited to work for World Ocean School: I believe that today's youth faces a serious lack of engagement in their daily lives and that technological advancement has separated them even further from the “real” world. Programs like the World Ocean School are a means to reconnect children to each other, show them important life skills, and keep maritime heritage alive.