Sam Sikkema


Capt. Sam Sikkema fell in love with the water early in his life. As a kid, he sailed dinghies on Lake Michigan with his father and he quickly began sailing larger and larger boats. While in high school, he joined the Sea Scouts and learned to sail larger traditional sailing vessels around his home waters of the Great Lakes. When Sam left school he turned seaward and never looked back, launching into a maritime career that has taken him around the world. Capt. Sam has sailed on all of the world’s oceans in Schooners, Square Riggers, Training Ships, Yachts, Fishing Vessels, and Commercial Vessels and worked with Maritime Museums and Shipyards as a Carpenter and a Rigger.

Over the years, Sam sailed as crew in Niagara, Bounty, Sørlandet, Denis Sullivan, Californian, Red Witch, Nina, Robert C Seamans, Spirit of Bermuda, Alabama, Highlander Sea, Columbia, and the 1841 Whaling Ship Charles W Morgan. He has also been in command of Friends Good Will, Lynx, Tole Mour, Harvey Gamage, Lettie G Howard, Victory Chimes and the ocean voyaging Training Ship Picton Castle.

Capt Sikkema, along with many certifications, holds a US Coast Guard Masters License for vessels up to 1,600 tons upon Oceans and 3rd Mate unlimited. He is licensed internationally to be Master of vessels of up to 3,000 tons and mate of any vessel worldwide. He also holds the Nautical Institute International Sail Endorsement for Square Rig and Fore & Aft Rig.

Along with his passion for being on the water Sam has always enjoyed playing music and is a student of History and Marine Preservation. When he is not at sea you can find him in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, playing music and building boats with his friends.