Patrick Carlson

Deckhand Educator

Hometown: Pittsburg, NH

School: Accepted to college

Previous Sailing Experience: I did 2 training cruises aboard the schooner Roseway in high school- 2016 & 2018, as a Summer Ambassador and as a Junior Watch Officer. Have done a lot of motor-boating on the Connecticut Lakes.

Previous Teaching Experience: Helped teach Summer Ambassadors as a JWO aboard Roseway. Helped teach underclassmen in Diversified Agriculture and Natural Resources in High School.

Hobbies: Outdoor stuff, hiking, camping, boating, fishing, cookouts. Listening to music.

Why I'm excited to work for World Ocean School: I'm excited to work for World Ocean School because I love sailing ships and the sea. WOS has a fantastic program, and I really believe in their mission of inspiring youth to meet their full potential and building self confidence!