John Talaber

Education Coordinator

Hometown: Schererville, IN

School: Indiana University, Bloomington

Previous sailing experience: None, but he is very excited to learn aboard Roseway!

Previous teaching experience: John graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a degree in visual arts education and taught in the public schools for three years. He then returned to his studies, earning another degree and doing graduate work in art history. His next foray found him delving into experiential education: working for Outward Bound as a wilderness instructor, John led 20-day canoe trips for troubled youth. He has also worked as a Behavior Health Advisor for teens on the psychiatric unit of a hospital and as a Jungle Cruise Skipper at Walt Disney World, one of his most memorable work experiences.  Most recently John has worked for The Road Less Traveled leading adventure and service trips for teenagers around the world and working as part of the leadership team running staff trainings.  John just returned this summer from South East Asia where he enjoyed teaching English to young adults in Cambodia.

Hobbies: For the past fifteen years, John has been a volunteer assisting childhood cancer survivors enjoy fantastic camp experiences. Helping others is one of his passions, and being able to act silly with his campers is a special treat as their optimistic and energetic approach to life is inspirational. John loves creating art and traveling, both allowing for an avenue of self-learning and forcing him to alter his perspectives, to view life with a childlike sense of wonder and naivety while embracing new experiences. His friends say that he can talk to anyone, no matter the person or the situation. His sister would say he’s nerdy because he’s often doing research, taking classes, or reading books purely for the enjoyment of learning. John is a sucker for animated Disney films and stand-up comedy, he loves the beauty of the natural world, and he enjoys visiting unique places.

Why he is excited to work for World Ocean School: John is very excited to introduce students to the benefits and challenges of experiential learning.  He cannot wait to meet and connect with a great group of educators and expand his own teaching experiences working in a new environment. And, he is thrilled to experience new adventures and exotic locales sailing around the Atlantic with the Roseway.