Gregory Terry


Hometown: Arcata, CA

School/majors/minors: BS in Marine Fisheries Biology from Humboldt State University

Previous sailing experience: I was a trainee deckhand for a semester as part of Ocean Classroom Foundation when I was 18, and more recently have worked as a deckhand on the schooners Zodiac, in Washington, and Shenandoah, in Massachusetts.

Previous teaching experience: I taught seamanship to passengers and students aboard Zodiac and Shenandoah.

Hobbies: I carry a fishing pole with me wherever I go, and I love to freedive and spearfish as well. When I’m on land I mountain bike, practice acro-yoga, and forage for edible mushrooms.

Why I’m excited to work for World Ocean School: I love to sail, and I think WOS’s focus on teamwork, cooperation, and seamanship will foster an attitude of, “Ship, Shipmates, Self,” onboard. I’m excited to welcome students into this community, and impart a new appreciation for the ocean on them!