Emily Selinger

Chief Mate

Hometown: Freeport, Maine
School: University of Puget Sound
Favorite Port Stop on Roseway: Stellwagen bank, in Massachusetts Bay and Eastern Egg Rock in Muscongus Bay, Maine... and anywhere else we see whales or puffins.
Favorite meal on board: Grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Favorite Watch assignment: Making baggywrinkle.
Best Roseway memory: The day we got a nudge and kiss from an orca whale while headed into the St. Lawrence River.
Why I work for World Ocean School: I work for World Ocean School because I am passionate about sharing my love for the sea and for sailing Roseway with the many students we see who wouldn't have the opportunity to experience such things without us. The natural lessons in teamwork and community living that exist on the boat are clear and impactful, and I love helping students make connections between shipboard life and the parts they play in their communities on land.

Emily hand sews the tote bags made from Roseway's sails available at the Ship's Store.