Charlotte Lynch

Deckhand Educator

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

School/majors/minors: College of William & Mary, Psychology Major, Marine Science Minor

Previous sailing experience: I have been around some small boats and many avid sailors throughout my life, but my first major experience sailing was with S.E.A. on the Robert C. Seamans in spring 2016 as a student of S265, sailing from New Zealand to Tahiti. Since then I have also worked for the Clearwater organization for a summer and as a sailing intern on the Seamans sailing from Pago Pago to several islands in the South Pacific, and eventually New Zealand.

Previous teaching experience: I started working as a counselor at a summer camp to prevent summer learning loss for children in Baltimore City when I was in high school, and continued to work there for several summers. I have also worked teaching young children in preschool and as an educator on the Clearwater.

Hobbies: I love working with children and animals, reading, sailing, singing, and being active!

Why I’m excited to work for World Ocean School: I am passionate about teaching and sailing and love the World Ocean School’s mission of education and changing lives through onboard, hands-on education and leadership opportunities.