Alison Sobeck

Deckhand Educator

Hometown: River Edge, New Jersey
School: University of Delaware
Favorite Meal on Board: hmmm….coffee!
Best Roseway Memory: Swimming in the middle of the ocean, over 400nm from shore on our transit last spring. Christmas on Roseway in St. Croix. Seeing whales off the bow while sitting on the bow sprit. Or seeing the dolphins swim alongside, glowing through bio luminescence as the sunset on the transit south last fall. Too many to pick just one.
Why I work for World Ocean School: I absolutely love our education programs. I have gotten to meet and work with some pretty incredible kids over the past year. Each group has been unique and different, challenging us as educators to tailor our lessons to each student. Our weeklong programs are a great example of how much we can make a difference. Day 1, kids come and are shy, not sure of what to expect, and often get seasick. But by day 5, the kids run to meet us at the boat greeting us each by name, huge smiles on their faces. They know the names of the sails, and are pros at raising them. Our programs gives kids confidence. It shows them its okay to be scared, but put yourself out there, try something new and most times its worth it. Our programs put these kids out of their comfort zone, forcing them to handle something they would normally not experience. They come out of them with a new found love of the water that is around them, learning, and trying new things. I love that I can be a part of the World Ocean School and the difference we can make in a kid’s life.