Abby E. Kidder, M.A.

Co-Founder, World Ocean School

Abby Kidder formed World Ocean School in 2002 along with her colleague Dwight Deckelmann. For sixteen years, she was executive director and president of the organization, spending six of those years actually living aboard Roseway. She was instrumental in building capacity for the organization, designing and executing the initial education programs, and managing general operations.

Prior to founding World Ocean School, she was a senior associate at the Institute for Global Ethics where she was a certified trainer for the Institute, presenting widely to educators using the Institute’s curricular materials, designing new products and services, and working directly with teachers, administrators, and students. In 2001 she authored and published a secondary-school curriculum titled How Big is Your Backyard? An Ethics-Based Approach to Environmental Decision Making, as part of her Masters in Human Ecology at the College of the Atlantic.