See the Difference

Aboard Roseway, indifference is replaced by inspiration. Apathy is overcome by engagement. Discouragement is replaced by joy. Boredom is replaced by motivation. Doubt is exchanged for confidence.

World Ocean School’s diverse population of students who get full or partial program scholarships are 44% Black (African-American, Haitian, West Indian), 14% Latinx (Puerto Rican, Dominican), 23% Caucasian, and 9% Asian.


  • 73% of our students are from low-income households
  • A combined 73% of public school students from STX and Boston qualify for free/reduced lunches.
  • 58% of our Boston Public School students are considered high need
  • 100% of our students deserve to be inspired, positively motivated, valued, and supported.

This past year, almost a thousand students were engaged on our transformative learning platform. Here's what they had to say:

World Ocean School has helped me realize who I am. You have to know yourself to know other people

– Stephen

Just being part of a community and growing as a person in a community has been a very new experience to me.

– Joe

World Ocean School has shown me a part of myself that I didn't know I had. And I think it really changed my life.

– Dante