About Us

Our mission and purpose

World Ocean School delivers an authentic method of experiential education at sea that empowers students of diverse backgrounds to reach their full potential as responsible, productive, and engaged community members.

We do this by providing:

- Transformative life skills and character development
- Inspiration for academic and vocational advancement
- Strong relationships with caring and responsible adults
- A safe environment for learning

We fulfill our mission on the schooner Roseway by providing:

  • Academic programs in Boston, MA and St. Croix, USVI for school students in science, math, language arts, and history
  • Summer programs in Boston for inner-city youth focusing on engagement in learning through sail training and community building
  • Multi-day expeditions for youth worldwide focusing on community service, sail training, leadership, communications, and academic enrichment.

Our Core Values, to which we expect all staff and crew members to commit and demonstrate are:

RESPECT for the diversity of our staff, board, students, and partners
COURAGE in holding a high standard of operations and embracing innovation
KINDNESS in our interactions and our leadership
INTEGRITY in our commitment to excellent education and symbiotic relationships
STEWARDSHIP of our historic landmark ship and the ocean environment

Our Vision

Our STUDENTS feel:

• Inspired to advance academically and vocationally

• Motivated to be engaged community members

• Appreciated and valued

• Strong and smart

Our ALUMNI feel:

• Proud to be a lifetime “crew member”

• Committed to be a supporter

Our COMMUNITY feels:

• Pride of affiliation

• WOS is worth the investment

• Inspired to engage others


• Challenged, inspired, respected and celebrated

• A sense of hard-won achievement

• They transform lives


• Learning outcomes are strengthened, supported, and complemented

• WOS provides enhanced engagement and inspiration for their students

• Creative and authentic value has been added to curriculum standards