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Welcome to our virtual lesson page! 

While we wish we could be sailing with you aboard Roseway this season, World Ocean School is bringing learning home to you! Our crew members have taken some of our favorite onboard lessons and created a series of fun, engaging lessons and activities that you can do in your living room, your backyard, or wherever you can imagine yourself sailing on a wooden ship with a salty breeze on your skin. 

Check back every Friday for more lessons!

What is a WATERSHED?

  • Grade Level: 5th
  • Materials: Food coloring, water, plastic sheet (like a shower curtain or tarp), building materials (like old milk cartons, buckets, paper towel rolls, etc.) 

In this lesson, Tierney describes what a watershed is, describes the types of pollution that affect our watersheds, and guides you through building your own watershed at home. The goal of this lesson is to understand what a watershed is, find out what watershed you live in, and to brainstorm some ways that we can modify our daily actions to protect the health of our waterways. 

Have you built your own watershed that you want to show off or have some suggestions of how we can protect our watersheds? Take a photo or video of you with your watershed and tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we can share your creation and ideas with our followers!