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St. Croix Day Programming

World Ocean School provides authentic, multi-day programming for students at the elementary and high school levels in St. Croix for both public and private schools. 5th grade students sail aboard Roseway for a series of five morning programs. Each day focuses on one of the WOS Community Values. 

Within this week of programming, students make meaningful connections with crew, have the opportunity to climb the Roseway’s rigging, and see their island from the water (often for the first time). Some of the lessons that students participate in while aboard are navigation, buoyancy, simple machines, the Dutchman’s Log (testing for speed), and Roseway’s history. 

World Ocean School runs a year-round program with Claude O. Markoe Elementary School where students are introduced to Roseway prior to the ship’s November arrival in port, plot the ship’s course as she sails north and south, and exchange pen pal letters with one of our Boston schools.

At the high school level, students from Central High School participate in a semester-long workforce development Maritime Academy Program. Students participate in classroom lectures and labs focused on applied STEM skills, practice these skills while sailing aboard Roseway, and make connections with local industry partners to learn about career opportunities in the maritime sector. These students have the opportunity to build Coast Guard recognized sea-time by volunteering as crew during Roseway’s evening sunset sails.

Our current St. Croix program partners are: 

Virgin Islands Learning Voyages

World Ocean School runs high-impact, live-aboard residential programs each winter with school partners.  While living aboard Roseway, up to 22 students learn how to operate the vessel alongside our crew, build a supportive community of shipmates, and expand on transferable life skills. Students and crew share meals together, assist in the preservation of Roseway, and see their city from a unique perspective...all without the company of their cell phones!

Throughout the day, students rotate through stations with their watch groups—seamanship lessons, active watch, and reading and reflection. These rotations are designed for students to learn sail handling and navigation skills, actively maintain the deck while underway by steering, and appreciating the sea through maritime literature, poetry, or watercolor. In the Caribbean we have the fantastic opportunity to utilize the ship’s surroundings to supplement what is being learned aboard, including snorkeling at Buck Island’s Marine Sanctuary in St. Croix, kayaking through Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico, and learning Virgin Islands history at the Annaberg Sugar Plantation on St. John.

Some of our Virgin Islands residential program partners include:

Are you joining us aboard Roseway and have some questions? Take a look at our FAQ.

Please watch this video that showcases how World Ocean School engages St. Croix students.