Junior Watch Officer Program

Student Program

2019 Junior Watch Officer Program

Dates: Friday, August 9 - Friday, August 23, 2019

A Junior Watch Officer requires strength of character, leadership skills, hard work, and a love of helping others. It is the next step in becoming a crew member aboard Roseway, and a role that is taken seriously.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 17 and you’ve completed a Summer Ambassador Program or another multi-day voyage aboard Roseway, you are eligible to apply to be a Junior Watch Officer (JWO) for this year’s Summer Ambassador Program.

As a JWO you will be a leader amongst the students as we set sail for ten days—we will expand our perspectives of the world, immerse ourselves in and contribute to different cultures, and practice community building aboard the historic landmark Schooner Roseway.

Your program aboard Roseway will begin one day before Summer Ambassadors arrive. During that time, you will work with the crew to sharpen your technical skills, prepare the ship for voyage, and spend time developing leadership skills.

During our expedition at sea, you will help guide Summer Ambassadors in practicing seamanship and navigation, working side by side with the Mate and Captain as we operate and maintain Roseway, as well as carrying out lessons in maritime history, community-building, and ethics. You will be a role model, teacher, and friend.

2019 Junior Watch Officer Program Information Sheet

This document explains the application process, fees, and any information necessary for participation in the Junior Watch Officer Program.

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