Junior Watch Officer Program

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2018 Junior Watch Officer Program 

July 31st-August 10th, 2018

Being a Junior Watch Officer is a responsibility that requires strength of character, leadership skills, hard work, and a love of helping others. It is the next step in becoming a crew member aboard Roseway, and a role that is taken seriously.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 17 and you’ve completed a Summer Ambassador Program or another multi-day voyage aboard Roseway, you are eligible to apply to be a Junior Watch Officer (J.W.O.) for this year’s Summer Ambassador Program.

As a J.W.O. you will be a leader amongst the students as they set sail for ten days—expanding their perspective of the world, immersing themselves in and contributing to different cultures, and practicing community building aboard the historic landmark schooner Roseway.

Your program aboard Roseway will begin two days before the students arrive. During that time you will work with the crew to refresh your skills and help the ship prepare for the voyage ahead.

During their expedition at sea, you will help to guide these students in practicing their seamanship and navigation, working side by side as they operate and maintain the 137-foot schooner that is their home, as well as carrying out lessons in maritime history, community-building, and ethics. In short, you are a role model and a teacher.


The program will begin and end from the Moakley Federal Courthouse Dock, in the Seaport in Boston. 

Travel expenses to and from the boat are not included in program costs. 


As a J.W.O you are expected to serve as a role model in all the activities in which students participate, as well as be ambassadors for the World Ocean School and schooner Roseway.If you are accepted to the program, you agree to the following rules throughout the entire session, whether on land or on the vessel:

If you are accepted to the program, you agree to the following rules throughout the entire session, whether on land or on the vessel:

  • No drinking, smoking, or drug use: zero tolerance
  • Electronics such as ipods, computers, or anything with an on/off switch are not to be brought aboard the ship
  • Cell phones are kept in a secure space by the captain and are handed out for use only in an emergency
  • No apparel that advertises alcohol or tobacco may be worn


Cost: $3,000

Refund Policy: As payments become due and payable they are non-refundable.

  • 50% deposit due upon acceptance to program
  • Balance due: one week before departure

You should anticipate some additional expenses in travel costs and clothing required for the program.


Applications due April 1, 2018.

Applicants are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of a voyage program aboard Roseway
  • A desire to grow in leadership
  • An interest in practicing community building skills
  • Suitability and strength of character
  • A phone or Skype interview with the education director

The following items must be submitted before a student’s application can be fully evaluated:

  1. A completed application form
  2. One professional reference form completed and returned to our office directly by the referee. The reference should be a professional who knows the candidate well i.e., a teacher, coach, employer — not a friend or relative
  3. A one-page essay, addressing why you feel you have the skills to be a good J.W.O. and what you will bring to the program.

If you have questions or wish to refer a student, contact Cara James at cara@worldoceanschool.org or 617-816-9247.  

Junior Watch Officer Application

Download the application here! Submissions can be mailed to:

Cara James

c/o World Ocean School

PO Box 51091

Boston, MA 02205 

or emailed to cara@worldoceanschool.org

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