New England Programs

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Boston Day Programming

World Ocean Schools runs programs in partnership with Boston Public Schools (BPS) and schools from the Greater Boston area between May and the end of the school year. Students of all ages assist the crew in raising sail, rotate through a series of intentional lessons, use the ship and surrounding Boston Harbor to apply their learning, and discuss how World Ocean School’s Community Values of teamwork, communication, trust, and self-worth are applied onboard Roseway but can also be transferred to their homes, schools, and communities.

While our curriculum aligns well with 5th grade Science Standards, we tailor our programs to all grade levels. Some of these lessons include navigation, buoyancy, simple machines, the Dutchman’s Log (testing for speed), and Roseway’s history. We work with teachers and individual classrooms to ensure that our program is enriching, enlightening, and aligns with lessons students are learning in the classroom.

Some of our Boston day programming partners include: 

Please watch this video that showcases what our Boston day program students learn while sailing aboard Roseway.

Summer Learning Voyages

World Ocean School runs high-impact, live-aboard residential programs each summer with school partners and as a summer opportunity for students around the globe.  While living aboard Roseway, up to 22 students learn how to operate the vessel alongside our crew, build a supportive community of shipmates, and expand on transferable life skills. Students and crew share meals together, assist in the preservation of Roseway, and see their city from a unique perspective...all without the company of their cell phones!

Throughout the day, students rotate through stations with their watch groups—seamanship lessons, active watch, and reading and reflection. These rotations are designed for students to learn sail handling and navigation skills, actively maintain the deck while underway by steering, and appreciating the sea through maritime literature, poetry, or watercolor. In New England we have the fantastic opportunity to utilize the ship’s surroundings to supplement what is being learned aboard, including sailing along Stellwagen Bank to identify whales, touring Roseway’s sister ship Adventure in Gloucester, or participating in maritime events like Sail Portsmouth or the Plymouth 400.

While World Ocean School traditionally works directly with school partners to recruit for these programs and define explicit learning objectives, we run open-enrollment programs as well. This summer, we will run a Junior Summer Ambassador Program (students ages 12-15), Senior Summer Ambassador Program (students ages 16-18), and Boston Summer Maritime Academy (BPS juniors and seniors, exclusively).

Some of our New England residential program partners include: