A Message from a Parent

Our son Patrick has always been a hands-on kind of guy. Not one to be able to sit in a classroom all day long. If he was interested in something, he excelled, if not, it was a struggle. We first heard about World Ocean School's Summer Ambassador Program when our principal contacted us in 2016 and asked if Patrick would be interested in a program like this. Other kids from our area had done this before with great result.

We gathered his gear and sent him off in the Summer of 2016. He tends to be shy and not always trusting around new people. Well, when we picked him up at the docks in Boston that first trip, he came walking off the Roseway like an old sailor. On the way home we asked him about his trip. He remembered every detail about the ship - Roseway's specs, his jobs, what he saw and did, everything! At that point we all knew that this was the life for him. He talked about it for months.

In the Spring of 2018 he had another opportunity to participate in a World Ocean School program. He applied and was accepted as a Junior Watch Officer (JWO) and off he went.

World Ocean School and Roseway opened a door for Patrick. The things he saw and learned, being part of a team that had to work together to make things happen, the belonging, responsibility, maturity, along with self confidence, character, and self esteem...it was the start of a dream.

Patrick does better in school, is more open, and has an all around better attitude about life. World Ocean School really helped him to see there's a bigger world out there, and to set his course in life. Patrick plans to join the Navy after graduation, and then pursue a career at sea.

Glenn Carlson

Parent of Summer Ambassador Student and Junior Watch Officer


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