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02/10/17 - There's Something for Everyone on Roseway

Becky, Deckhand Educator

Hi friends! Deckhand Becky here, coming to you from the Main Salon of the Roseway as we wrap up our 3rd week working with students here in Christiansted. We’ve had so much fun sailing and learning with 5th graders from Pearl B. Larsen Elementary, and said goodbye to our 6th grade…

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02/03/17 - Heave Away, Haul Away, Ricardo Richards Students!

Susie, Program Coordinator

This was another exciting week aboard Roseway.  We were lucky to have the amazing 5th and 6th graders from Ricardo Richards Elementary School aboard for a second week.  Due to the positive and thoughtful spirits of students and crew, it has been an exceptionally fun and meaningfu…

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01/19/17 - Snorkels and Sonnets

Christiansted, St. Croix


Today upon the Roseway came an early wakeup call as we had many exciting adventures awaiting us.  We were all exhausted from the long and tiresome journey from St. John to Cuelebra the night before (this also could have been due to the extremely mentally challenging anchor watc…

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01/16/17 - Luther College: Surrounded by History

St. John Island


“This is your 7:30 wake- up call!” cheered a crew member in charge of waking us students up. And just like that another day aboard the Roseway began. We began the morning muster with some very clever raps that the students and crew came up with during their anchor watches. After …

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01/15/17 - Luther College: Life of a Sailor

Christmas Cove to Fransis Bay


Today may not be Christmas, but there was a similar feeling of magic in the air as we awoke today anchored in Christmas Cove.  Snorkeling around a small, rocky island in the cove, we saw all manner of colorful, striped, and spotted fishes dancing above a panoply of corals that ro…

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01/14/17 - Luther College: Roseway is Our Home

Norman Island to St. John Island


Today we have been feeling pretty introspective. We’ve been learning so much about what it takes to be a sailor, but we’ve also learned a great deal about ecology and some great literature. Brett, one of the crew members, gave us a very intriguing lesson yesterday about the envir…

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