Baggy Wrinkle and Sea Shanties All the Way to Greenport

Tuesday, July 4 2017

Carlos, Alexis, Bella

July 3, 2017: Today when we woke up the anchor was already raised and we were getting underway. For breakfast we had oatmeal with toppings and hard boiled eggs, another one of Jen’s amazing meals. After breakfast we started with our chores, including deck wash and breakfast cleanup. Then, after we traveled out of the New Bedford harbor some of us climbed the shrouds. After that the boat started rocking from the waves and some of us started to get seasick. During active watch some of us steered the boat while others did boat checks, bow watch, and made baggy wrinkles -we filled a whole line! In the afternoon, whilst we were digesting our lunch, Cara gave us a science lesson about pollution in the ocean and it opened some of our eyes to how serious this issue actually is. Later that day we sung sea shanties with Zach. Some were happy and some were straight up depressing. Everyone is tired after this long (but also fun filled) day. J