Abby E. Kidder, M.A.

President and Co-Founder

Abby Kidder started the World Ocean School while working at the Institute for Global Ethics in Camden, Maine, where she joined the staff in 1990.

Holding a master’s degree in Human Ecology and Environmental Ethics from College of the Atlantic, she has authored a secondary-school curriculum titled How Big is Your Backyard? An Ethics-Based Approach to Environmental Decision Making, published by the Institute in 2001. As a certified trainer for the Institute, she organized seminars for teachers in the United States and abroad, presented widely to educators using the Institute’s curricular materials, designed new products and services, and worked directly with teachers, administrators, and students.

Whether on board the ship or working from her office in Boston, her time is spent overseeing the day to day management of the school, fund-raising and building long term capacity for the organization.